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Here’s another great geekery desktop item..

Do you remember ZIP disks? First the ZIP 100, then later the ZIP 250. They revolutionized the “floppy disk market” too bad USB drives and Flash Memory crushed their business!

This Iomega ZIP disk desktop pen & pencil holder would make a great addition to any office or home office area.

This item is manufactured out of recycled ZIP disks. A perfect gift for a co-worker or that special geek in your life. ZIP disks are slightly larger than 3 1/2″ floppies. ZIP’s measure in at 3 1/4 by almost 4″ and are a 1/4 inch thick. giving this pencil holder a much heavier feel than my floppy disk holders.

A great way to recycle old disks that would probably end up in the landfill!

** Disk labels will vary from the image shown.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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